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Ram’s Head Muff Sound Clips

October 21, 2014 Leave a comment

These clips are pretty raw, and there is a reason for two clips.  In the first one, I discovered a short.  When I hit the Klip switch to change the clipping diodes (from LED to 1n34A) – silence!  I fixed it, and made the second clip.  LOL…

Here you go!

First Clip – HERE

Second Clip – HERE

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Woolly Bully

October 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Here is the latest – the Woolly Bully!  Its a Woolly Mammoth clone done on the Mastadon Fuzz PCB from  It is just a monstrous fuzz pedal.  Still exploring all of the tones.

Lessons learned:

(1)  I don’t like the graphics, the black on dark green is too hard to see.

(2) I recycled an old enclosure that was drilled for another project.  I made this work, but it was not ideal.  Should have used a better enclosure.

(3)  I love thick, woolly fuzz for Bass!



photo (9)+


photo (8)


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