Newest addition – MKC!

February 16, 2015 Leave a comment

I just finished boxing up a Klon Centaur clone  – the MKC (Max Klonish Circuit) by the gifted folks at  The original Klon is an overdrive designed to really drive a tube amp hard.  It is a really nice grit pedal by itself.  Not too much grind, but something that could be an “always on” sort of dirt pedal if you need that sort of thing.  Homemade artwork on the box courtesy of my little girls.

IMG_0883a IMG_0884bIMG_0885a

Sorry – no gutshots on this one.  Not my best wiring work anyway.  This is a recycled box, and it was a tough fit.

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BYOC Divided Octave

November 23, 2014 Leave a comment

This is a really funky pedal, based on the old Mutron Octave Divider.    To be honest, I am not exactly sure what I would use it for, but that’s not REALLY the point, is it.  Octave up and Octave Down, plus a Green Ringer built in.  I imagine a better or more creative bassist would use the heck out of this, but for me, its just fun.  For all of the components, a pretty easy build, thanks to VERY detailed instructions from BYOC.

Here is a link to the project – Divided Octave.



Kilmister Bass Overdrive

November 18, 2014 Leave a comment

This is a Bass Overdrive from  I really love this pedal.  Everything from warm, soft tube-like sounds to a heavy, driven grind.

Kilmister 1Kilmister 2Kilmister 3Kilmister 4Kilmister 5

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New Ram’s Head

November 18, 2014 Leave a comment

Just another AWESOME Ram’s Head Pi…

Ram's Head 4 Ram's Head 5

Man is this pedal awesome.  Just walls of thick, creamy, bass fuzz goodness.

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Ram’s Head Muff Sound Clips

October 21, 2014 Leave a comment

These clips are pretty raw, and there is a reason for two clips.  In the first one, I discovered a short.  When I hit the Klip switch to change the clipping diodes (from LED to 1n34A) – silence!  I fixed it, and made the second clip.  LOL…

Here you go!

First Clip – HERE

Second Clip – HERE

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Woolly Bully

October 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Here is the latest – the Woolly Bully!  Its a Woolly Mammoth clone done on the Mastadon Fuzz PCB from  It is just a monstrous fuzz pedal.  Still exploring all of the tones.

Lessons learned:

(1)  I don’t like the graphics, the black on dark green is too hard to see.

(2) I recycled an old enclosure that was drilled for another project.  I made this work, but it was not ideal.  Should have used a better enclosure.

(3)  I love thick, woolly fuzz for Bass!



photo (9)+


photo (8)


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Ram’s Head Muff!

September 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Just completed (FINALLY) a Ram’s Head Muff.  No, I didn’t get the first board working (yet!), but I did learn a lot about some mistakes I have been making which will hopefully serve me well.  A few comments:

(1)  This pedal is just awesome on bass.

(2)  Here is a link to the project and PCB – Muff’n!

(3) A huge shout out to Barry, petevig, Jeffro, and the rest at the Guitar PCB forums for all of their help.

(4) The flexibility of this pedal is really amazing.  I added the Mid Scoop Control, MuffBender, and Pi Tone Control Bypass mods.  These, combined with the diode selection switch that is already part of the circuit just gives you an amazing variety of tones.

(5)  I hope the Russian translations are correct…LOL.

(6)  I will never again use Rustoleum Clear coat.  What a disaster.  As you can tell from the pictures, the clear coat is too thick, and never evened out.  Its been drying for a week and a half, and still needs to cure.  Ugh…  I have used Testor’s clear lacquer with GREAT success.  Its more expensive, AND TOTALLY WORTH IT.

(6)  Come hell or high water, I will debug the first Muff’n build and get it working as well.

On to the pics!

Ram's Head 1


Toggles – BENDER, CLIP

Footswitches – BYPASS, POWER

And in the center – “RAM’S HEAD MUFF” (I hope!)

Ram's Head 2

Another view…

Ram's Head 3

Gut shot.  It ain’t the neatest build, but I am still learning…


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Dead Muff’n…LOL

September 1, 2014 Leave a comment

More debugging.  Can’t seem to get this Ram’s Head Muff working.  Will keep trying…

Some Pics…

photo (4) photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo (5)

King of the Bollocks

August 4, 2014 Leave a comment

One for a friend. This is a build of the “King of the British” (Click here for the PCB). Its a little hard for me to tell how it sounds on a guitar, but it makes my bass sound like an angry, tube-distorted monster!

Here is the shell:

KOTB Shell

Here are the guts:


Guts installed:

KOTB Gut Shot

Pedal on Standby:

KOTB Standby

Pedal fired up and angry!

KOTB Active

I love this pedal. BTW – a hat tip to playsforfun from the GuitarPCB forums for the artwork concept (which he admittedly lifted from someone else). My fonts are much different, but I hope I didn’t violate some protocol for lifting the flag art.

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Marshall Super Fuzz – Update

July 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Here is the finished Marshall Super Fuzz, built from the GuitarPCB.Com Tone Bender PCB.

IMG_0286 IMG_0285

This is sort of a one trick pony, but puts out great, thick, woolly fuzz.  Really no low loss of low end due to the “Supa Fuzz” mods.

Here is a gut shot as well.  Note the carbon comp resistors and the germanium transistors.  Old school!

Supa Fuzz Powered by the board - works great!

Supa Fuzz Powered by the board – works great!

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