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King of the Bollocks

August 4, 2014 Leave a comment

One for a friend. This is a build of the “King of the British” (Click here for the PCB). Its a little hard for me to tell how it sounds on a guitar, but it makes my bass sound like an angry, tube-distorted monster!

Here is the shell:

KOTB Shell

Here are the guts:


Guts installed:

KOTB Gut Shot

Pedal on Standby:

KOTB Standby

Pedal fired up and angry!

KOTB Active

I love this pedal. BTW – a hat tip to playsforfun from the GuitarPCB forums for the artwork concept (which he admittedly lifted from someone else). My fonts are much different, but I hope I didn’t violate some protocol for lifting the flag art.

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