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Newest addition – MKC!

February 16, 2015 Leave a comment

I just finished boxing up a Klon Centaur clone  – the MKC (Max Klonish Circuit) by the gifted folks at  The original Klon is an overdrive designed to really drive a tube amp hard.  It is a really nice grit pedal by itself.  Not too much grind, but something that could be an “always on” sort of dirt pedal if you need that sort of thing.  Homemade artwork on the box courtesy of my little girls.

IMG_0883a IMG_0884bIMG_0885a

Sorry – no gutshots on this one.  Not my best wiring work anyway.  This is a recycled box, and it was a tough fit.

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King of the Bollocks

August 4, 2014 Leave a comment

One for a friend. This is a build of the “King of the British” (Click here for the PCB). Its a little hard for me to tell how it sounds on a guitar, but it makes my bass sound like an angry, tube-distorted monster!

Here is the shell:

KOTB Shell

Here are the guts:


Guts installed:

KOTB Gut Shot

Pedal on Standby:

KOTB Standby

Pedal fired up and angry!

KOTB Active

I love this pedal. BTW – a hat tip to playsforfun from the GuitarPCB forums for the artwork concept (which he admittedly lifted from someone else). My fonts are much different, but I hope I didn’t violate some protocol for lifting the flag art.

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