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Dead Muff’n…LOL

September 1, 2014 Leave a comment

More debugging.  Can’t seem to get this Ram’s Head Muff working.  Will keep trying…

Some Pics…

photo (4) photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo (5)


Marshall Supa Fuzz

April 26, 2014 Leave a comment

See pics in the debugging post below.  Works now.  Thick, woolly fuzz and sustain for days.  Kind of a one trick pony, but a great fuzz tone to lock in.

Here’s the project…


More debugging fun…

April 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Marshall Supa Fuzz (GuitarPCB Pumped Up Tonebender with Bass Mods)…

Works awesome on the board…can’t seem to get the power flowing when it is boxed up.

Some pics

Supa Fuzz!

Supa Fuzz!

Supa Fuzz Boxed juice :(

Supa Fuzz Boxed up…no juice 😦

Supa Fuzz Powered by the board - works great!

Supa Fuzz Powered by the board – works great!

Debugging AMZ Q&D Compressor

April 15, 2014 Leave a comment

I put together an AMZ Q&D Compressor. I am having some difficulties and was wondering if anyone can offer some insight.

First – here is the tech page with the schematic –

It seems to work very well, except for the GATE pot. When the GATE pot is cranked all the way up, it works. If the GATE pot is anything less than dimed, I get horrendous feedback and squealing.

I did some voltage testing –

Q1 – 2n5457

D – 9 v
S – 5.46v
G – 4.5 v

U1 – 78LO5
1 – 5v
2 – 0v
3 – 9v

U2 – SSM2166
1 – 0v 14 – 4.95v
2 – .14v 13 – 2.25v
3 – 2.47v 12 – 0v
4 – 2.47v 11 – 4.95v
5 – 2.26v 10 – 1.42v
6 – 2.26v 9 – 4.95v
7 – 1.56v 8 – .58v

D1 – 9v

Other notes: I changed C6 to 10uf, as I play bass, and C8 to 100uf, to address any power supply hum.

If I turn the GAIN all the way down, I can back off of the GATE a bit, but it is all but unusable unless it is fully dimed.


Q&D Compressor 1

Q&D Compressor 1